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“ARTFUL UNDRESS” on TradioV with Guest BEAU POLLOCK & Feature Musician TARA PORTER

“ARTFUL UNDRESS” on TradioV with Guest BEAU POLLOCK & Feature Musician TARA PORTER

TUNE IN next Saturday, 09/07 at 5pm on TradioV’s “Artful Undress” with Special Guest BEAU POLLOCK – Photographer + Writer + Director and Feature Musician TARA PORTER! and

Beau Pollock is a photographer of organic esthetic.  His portraiture ranges from the actor’s headshot to the ANTM in the nude.  Collections & exhibitions of his work range from underground low brow galleries to SF to fine art galleries to LA to The Rolling Stone. The layers of facade are dissected and peeled away by his technique to capture the authentic tangible human depicted in his photographs.  His direction in film defies convention and conformity. 


Genius = Creativity


Creativity and Genius are mysterious processes in which we have yet to find the essential nature.  The genius was known as the guiding spirit in ancient Rome and the term referred to creation, inspiration and talent.  With unprecedented insight, the genius demonstrates exceptional intelligence, creativity, or originality; however, with the causes of mastery and genius unknown, there is no precise definition.  Since they are able to reach higher levels of consciousness, truths can appear obvious to a genius while veiled from the masses of mankind.  Humility is a marked character of a genius who gives credit to a higher power or the guiding spirit.

Interestingly enough, the process that a genius relies on is formulating the question, “the why,” and waiting for the answer to come in a sudden flash.  This is the creative right brain at work.  Great musicians write down the music that appears in their minds.  Great painters paint the pictures that appear in their heads.  One of Einstein’s flashes brought him the theory of relativity.  So how do we transform our own perception into an expression that others can comprehend?  It could take a lifetime but allowing our creative mind enables these sudden revelations that are responsible for the advancement in human consciousness and evolution, thus we must start and continue to create.

As they say, there cannot be a question without an answer.  They are like two sides of a coin and one cannot exist without the other.  Genius is in us all and consciousness, where processes of creativity and genius are inherent, is universal.  With a change of perception and releasing the mind from finding the answer, we are open to receiving the answer.  Again, this process is that of creativity and genius.  In the arts, this source was said to have come from the Greek goddesses of inspiration called the Muses.  It seems that those that are most open and grateful for this illumination continue to access this realm of inspiration.

When inspired, one may work endlessly on a project.  That may follow with a time of seeming stagnation.  This is just the creative process, not to worry.  A space must be created from which ideas to appear.  Genius takes perseverance, courage and concentration but more than anything, the opening of the doors of perception.  This is where truth lies and beautiful art, in whatever form, dwells.  Do what you love, what inspires you, and let the muses guide you.

The Artful Undress with Kira & Polina – Episode II

The Artful Undress with Kira & Polina – Episode II

CHECK IT OUT! Second Episode of The Artful Undress with Kira & Polina – 8-24-13,

With guest Phillip Ritchie – Fine Art Photographer,

With featured music by VAGUESS!


The Artful Undress – Guest Phillip Ritchie

Celebrate the Nude with KIRA & POLINA on “The Artful Undress” with Guest – PHILLIP RITCHIE, BRILLIANT PHOTOGRAPHER as they open Pandora’s box, stirring up controversial views on Nudity in the Arts.  

LIVE this Saturday 08/24 5pm!

The Artful Undress – Guest Phillip Ritchie.


“The Artful Undress” on TradioV – Hollywood


Celebrate the Nude with Kira and Polina on “The Artful Undress” as they open Pandora’s box, stirring up controversial views on Nudity in the Arts.  The show voyages out into the world of fine art and American society today to strip away the manipulative clothe.

First Episode Aired Saturday 08/17/13


ImageNectar de la Vie” by Polina

“What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?” ~ Michelangelo

The naked body was honored 500 years ago.  For more than 1,000 years before that, the Christians had veiled it.  This rebirth of the nude in the 1500’s is said to have been inspired by the discovery of the America’s and its natives who were naked.  Michelangelo’s David, which was carved shortly after, stands naked and innocent, perhaps portraying these uncorrupted, pure naked people and thus showing nudity as the noblest human state.

In art, the nude reflects philosophy, ideals and tradition and is an important means of creative expression.  In the Renaissance, it was the focus of artistic innovation and in the 17th century, academics.  In ancient Greece, nude art was significant, as the human body was celebrated.  Athletes competed in the nude and were honored.  Nude sculptures were created portraying these athletes as gods and heroes and the male form was synonymous with triumph, glory and moral excellence.

The nude female form embodies the divinity of procreation with its use dating back to Prehistoric times.  Nudes were used in Baroque art as a means to heighten the drama of narrative works, illustrating classical metaphors and using nude figures to personify concepts such as grace and truth.

There was high prestige of the nude in the 18th and 19th centuries and the academies directed students to draw from the ancient sculptures as well as live models.  Artists tended to use mythology, however, instead of depictions of everyday life.

Later in the 19th century, artists began painting nude women in contemporary situations without the vestige of goddess or nymph, and sculpted forms not idealized.  The classical tradition lost its cultural supremacy in the 20th century but the appeal of the nude remains strong.  It represents true, undisguised humanity.  Art historian, Kenneth Clark believes that the female nude represents the triumph of art: the ultimate transformation of matter into form.  The female nude is a pure form that encourages contemplation and, in its purest representation is transcendent.

The human body is beautiful just as flowers, butterflies and the night sky.  The point of art is to express the role of man in relation to the world.  Using the unadorned human form to understand the nature of humanity is the most powerful expression.  Whereas clothed figures are labeled and judged based on their covered appearance, the unobstructed nude is pure and true, not manipulated by outer objects.  There is a clearer vision of the human spirit, free from the mask of society.  Using the nude form also allows the artist to show people outside of a historical context, as clothing is a distraction, and the attention can then be focused on the important aspects of the art.

Both viewers and creators of the arts must be free to enjoy the maximum level of freedom of expression.  Creativity should be fully supported and highly valued as it enables us to express and understand the human condition.  It allows us be true to ourselves and in reality, truth lies more in the naked form than the clothed.

 “Man’s naked form  … belongs to no particular moment in history’ it is eternal, and can be looked upon with joy by the people of all ages.” ~ Auguste Rodin




For more information contact:  Polina Hryn, Wet Puzzle Piece Productions




LAGUNA BEACH, CA – Bronze sculptor, Kira, is hosting a radio “in TV” show in Hollywood entitled “The Artful Undress.”  With Co-Host Polina Hryn, Promoter of THE ARTS, the show on TradioV will serve as a platform from which to excavate, explore, embrace and reclaim nudity within various arenas of the arts.  The first weekly show is scheduled for Saturday, August 17th with future shows live and archived on

Standing for the First Amendment and Free Speech, (Radio in TV) is a Hollywood Broadcast Network providing interactive audio/visual broadcast experiences LIVE from their studios, with a vast social media outreach to provide interaction in a host-fan format.  They feature celebrity hosts including Dave Navarro, Andy Dick, Mary Carey, Billy Morrison, The Suicide Girls, Rob Van Dam and Eric Roberts. 

The mission of Host Kira and her co-host Polina is to inspire within the fine art community and its outstretching audience a re-insurgence of support for original works of art, specifically nudes.  “The Artful Undress” will allow a new framework and perspective to view nudity within the world of fine art and American society today, and challenge existing societal views, myths, taboos, and prejudices.  Supporting fine artists who embrace their respective crafts within this controversial arena, they hope to educate collectors and the community thus creating a more knowledgeable consumer base. 

“The Artful Undress” will feature artists, publishers, gallerists, muses and models, photographers, and musicians to discuss and celebrate one of the oldest and most revered focal points in the arts and its history; the male and female form.


About Kira

Kira worked within the fields of Human and Social Services before choosing sculpting as her full time profession. Her work is inspired by her compassion for the human condition and, as a fine art sculptor, her mission is to capture and present an uncensored glimpse of the human experience through bronze.   Internationally recognized as one of the greatest contemporary sculptors in the world, she has gallery and museum showings throughout the USA and parts of Europe.

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To learn more about this show, please contact:

Polina Hryn, Promoter of THE ARTS – Wet Puzzle Piece Productions