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Last Saturday’s Episode of TradioV’s ARTFUL UNDRESS with Hayley Schwied & Gigi Gaskell & Feature Band Hurt & the Heartbeat!

Check out Saturday’s episode of TradioV‘s “Artful Undress” Kira & Polina Show with Host Kira of Sculpture by Kira and Co-Host Polina of Wet Puzzle Piece Productions with the magnificent Artist/Tattoo Artist from Living Art Gallery, Hayley Schwied and the incredible Photographer, Georgia Gaskell of Photography by Gigi Gaskell!  THANK YOU, Hayley and Gigi, for sharing your stories and for being such an inspiration!
And THANK YOU to our Feature Band, Hurt and the Heartbeat. You can check out a podcast interview with band members Raundi Kai Moore-Kondo and James Lewis on One Laguna ‘s “Spoken Word, Spoken Song” with Host John Gardiner and Co-Host Polina.
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Last Saturday’s Episode of TradioV’s ARTFUL UNDRESS with Scotch Wichmann & Feature Musician Remco Hogendoorn!

Check out Saturday’s episode of TradioV‘s “Artful Undress” with Host Kira of Sculpture by Kira and Co-Host Polina of Wet Puzzle Piece Productions with Renaissance Man Extraordinaire, Scotch Wichmann, Writer, Comedian, Performance Artist, Actor, Filmmaker, as he talks about his Plagiarism attacks and his new book TWO PERFORMANCE ARTISTS KIDNAP THEIR BOSS AND DO THINGS WITH HIM. And definitely DON’T MISS the last couple minutes of the show when Scotch performs “off-the-cuff!” BRILLIANT!!!

THANK YOU, Scotch, for being such an inspiration and creative guru! And THANK YOU to our Feature Musician, the incredible Remco Hogendoorn from Amsterdam! Two of the worlds most incredible humans!

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