September 20th’s Episode of TradioV’s ARTFUL UNDRESS with CHRISTOPHER ULRICH!


CHECK OUT September 20th’s episode of TradioV’s “Artful Undress” Kira & Polina Show, with Host Kira of Sculpture by Kira and Co-Host Polina of Wet Puzzle Piece Productions with Guest, painter of surreal iconographic images, Christopher Ulrich!!! What an AMAZING HUMAN!

THANK YOU, Christopher, for blessing us with your presence!!!

And a HUGE HUG and THANK YOU ALWAYS to the brilliant Remco Hogendoorn, House Musician for “The Artful Undress!” YOU ROCK OUR WORLD!!!

10368314_10204995134908189_6314657831308263601_o  1043849_10204995063306399_5881391167847384610_n

1907446_10204995061466353_5050589304294279646_n  1525139_10204995064226422_697931897369910144_n



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