A long awaited new renaissance, the Creative Culture, is emerging from the depths.  At the cusp of a defined movement and time period, Wet Puzzle Piece is well positioned to elevate the Creatives to their rightful place.

Without any ulterior motive, Creatives create for the sheer pleasure of it.  That said, the greatest gig on earth is getting paid to do what you love and this is the time of unprecedented opportunity for Creatives.

Wet Puzzle Piece empowers communities, organizations and people to wield their innate creativity as a means to stimulate and achieve abundance and wellbeing.  Through a meticulous analysis system, we identify the true originality and uniqueness and once the complete picture has been drawn, the most powerful bits are cultivated and emphasized.  A wet puzzle piece fits almost anywhere, however every option is studied based on all aspects of the Creative to discover their truest path.

Founder:  A born explorer and creative thinker, Polina Hryn weaves the arts into a full body experience!  Thriving on promoting the arts and being a highly motivated and innovative individual, she has collected a broad and diverse set of skills in artistic, promotional, and production areas.  With a rare dynamic of a strong right-brain AND left-brain, she is able to use her well developed imagination and artistic sense simultaneously with intellect and logic.  Since 2007, Hryn has been Promoting and Marketing members of the Creaive Culture Domestically and Internationally.  Her clientele has included Internationally Renown Artists and Grammy Award Winning Musicians.


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