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September 7th’s Episode of KX@ONELAGUNA’s “Spoken Word / Spoken Song” with Guests Steve Ramirez & Ben Trigg!

SHOW LINK! http://kx.onelaguna.com/podcast/spokenwordspokensongspodcast/9.8.2014.2200

Check out September 7th’s episode of KX at One Laguna Radio’s Spoken Word / Spoken Song with Hosts John Gardiner, Poet, and Polina Hryn of Wet Puzzle Piece Productions, Artist/Writer and Promoter of THE ARTS in an episode with Guests, Steve Ramirez, Ben Trigg, and Manny “the Wonder Dog,” where a feast of beautiful words was enjoyed by all! Steve and Ben are wonderful poets who deserve to be heard far more than they are. They spend most of their time graciously supporting others.

Songs read and played: Crazy, by Gnarles Barkley, and Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd.

Poets whose poems we covered: Richard Blanco, Robert Wynne, Annelyse Gelman, Leah Noble Davidson, Sharon Venezio, Steve Ramirez, and Ben Trigg; and from the Ugly Mug Anthology: Jim Natal,
Jack McCarthy, Larry Colker, and Carlye Archibeque.

Tune in every Sunday Live 11am-1pm at KX@onelaguna.com, as we focus discussions on meanings of language in poems and songs. You can also tune in Thursdays from 8-10am to catch the previous Sunday’s show again, or go to the archived podcasts at http://kx.onelaguna.com/show/spokenwordspokensong. You can get there, also, via http://www.wetpuzzlepiece.com/#!kxonelaguna/c1d7n.

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