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October 4th’s Episode of TradioV’s ARTFUL UNDRESS with DANNI SHINYA LUO!

SHOW LINK:  http://tradiov.com/la/videos/artful-undress-danni-shinya-luo-10-4-14/

CHECK OUT October 4th’s episode of TradioV’s “Artful Undress” Kira & Polina Show, with Host Kira of Sculpture by Kira and Co-Host Polina of Wet Puzzle Piece Productions with Guest, Danni Shinya Luo, Pop Surrealist Painter and contributor to Hasbro Inc., MGA Entertainment, Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds, Marvel Comics, Zenescope Comics, and more!

THANK YOU, Danni, for empowering us with your incredible ART!!!

And a Special THANK YOU ALWAYS to the brilliant Remco Hogendoorn, House Musician for “The Artful Undress!”

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