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September 14th’s Episode of KX@ONELAGUNA’s “Spoken Word / Spoken Song” with Guest RAY WESTON!

SHOW LINK! http://kx.onelaguna.com/podcast/spokenwordspokensongspodcast/9.15.2014.1200

Check out September 14th’s episode of KX at One Laguna Radio’s Spoken Word / Spoken Song with Hosts John Gardiner, Poet, and Polina Hryn of Wet Puzzle Piece Productions, Artist/Writer and Promoter of THE ARTS in a quite rhythmic episode with guest musician, Ray Weston, from Glascow Scotland. Many thanks to Ray for guiding us through 30 years of his life as a professional drummer all over the world with a variety of bands, including more than a decade with the seminal British band, Wishbone Ash!

Songs covered: “The Last Time,” by Gnarls Barkley, and “Wish You Were Here,” by Pink Floyd, including a discussion of Roger Waters and Syd Barrett.

Poets covered from “The Comstock Review’s” 25th Anniversary Commemorative Anthology: Andrea Bates, Ricki Mandeville, Ivan Sadovnikov (=b), Richard Allen Taylor, Marta Ferguson.

Hope you’ll give a listen!

Tune in every Sunday Live 11am-1pm at KX@onelaguna.com, as we focus discussions on meanings of language in poems and songs. You can also tune in Thursdays from 8-10am to catch the previous Sunday’s show again, or go to the archived podcasts at http://kx.onelaguna.com/show/spokenwordspokensong. You can get there, also, via http://www.wetpuzzlepiece.com/#!kxonelaguna/c1d7n.

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